Illusion Travels By Streetcar #110:
Qui êtes-vous, Leni Riefenstahl? (1932-2002)

The cast for episode #110:

Stuart Collier
Andrew Cripe
Jeremiah McNeil
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen
Jack Welch

This episode was recorded on June 16, 2016

The Art of the Panel: EC #22

from Marines Retreat!
(by Harvey Kurtzman and John Severin)
(Frontline Combat #1; Jul-Aug, 1951)

The Present Day Composer #93

Sandy Wilson (1924-2014)

Saul Leiter and the City #8

From the El (1955)

Watts! #39

The Art of Pop #79

Dream Time
(Wayne King & His Orchestra)
(Brunswick Records; 1958)

Friends and Family #78

Original Caption:

New York City Police Department Offers $25,000 for Lepke.

New York -- This is the poster being printed by the New York Police Department, advertising a $25,000 reward for the apprehension, dead or alive, of Louis "Lepke" Buchalter who is wanted for conspiracy and extortion. (1939)

Broadcasters #107

John Daly

Weekend #32

The Very Best of Gordon Parks! #2

Dr.Kenneth B. Clark conducting the doll test (1947)

When Legends Gather #879

Tony Richardson, Rita Tushingham and John Osborne

Illusion Travels By Streetcar #109:
The Second Edition of . . . ITBS Live!

The cast for episode #109:

Stuart Collier
Zach Mitchell
Brian Risselada
Max Slobodin
Tom Sutpen
Jack Welch

This episode was recorded on June 22, 2016

This Week's Sargent #22

Edwin Booth (1890)

Bandleaders #11

Fritz Reiner

The Art of Jazz #159

Finger Poppin' with The Horace Silver Quintet
(Blue Note Records; 1959)

The Children of Lewis Hine #16

Amusing themselves while waiting for morning papers (1908)

Seminal Image #1140

Bigger Than Life
(Nicholas Ray; 1956)