Watch the Skies! #10

New Jersey (1984)

The Gunslinger Guide to Elizabeth Taylor #17

Joints #33

Hyp Guinle's Famous Door

Tales of the Jazz Age #3

Original Caption:

Washington, DC -- On April 7th, television was inaugurated as a successful achievement of scientific research. For the first time, men sat in New York and looked 200 miles over a telephone wire at other men in Washington. Photo shows Secretary of Commerce Hoover, as he appeared at his office in Washington while speaking to and being seen by Walter S. Gifford, President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in New York City. Listening in on the conversation are General J.J. Carty, A.E. Berry and Stephen Davis. (1927)

This Week's Sargent #21

Paul César Helleu sketching with his wife Alice Guérin (1889)

Qui êtes-vous, William Klein? #1

Saint Patrick's Day, New York (1955)

Adventures in the National Pastime #25

Today's Adventure:
Original Caption:

Arlington -- Texas Rangers' Manager Ted Williams walks through a gusty wind as he surveys Turnpike Stadium, the new home of the old American League Washington Senators, not the Texas Rangers. (1971)

An Illustrated History of Race Relations in America #24

Original Caption:

Cicero -- Photographers and a young lady duck as rocks are hurled through the air aimed at civil rights marchers who paraded through this all-white suburb of Chicago. The presence of the guardsmen probably prevented the confrontation from turning into a major riot. (1966)

I Like the Christian Life! #27

Original Caption:

St. Louis -- The Rev. Bailey Smith of Del City, OK, was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, defeating five other candidates. Smith, 41, won the election on the first ballot with 51 percent of the more than 11,000 votes cast. Smith is the pastor of the 14,000 member First Southern Baptist Church in greater Oklahoma City. (1980)

Black and White Ball: The Guest List #3

William S. Paley

Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon! #1

Original Caption:

Florida -- The sun rises behind the Apollo 17/Saturn V launch vehicle on the morning before its launch. A helicopter circles overhead. (1972)

This Week's Hopper #34

New York Corner (Corner Saloon) (1913)

The Art of Jazz #153

We Free Kings
(Roland Kirk)
(Mercury Records; 1961)

The Art of Travel #43

George Lois, Esquire #2

Illusion Travels By Streetcar #91:
A Very Loose Introduction to the Italian Western (1964-1977)

The cast for episode #91:

Stephen Cooke
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on February 11, 2016

Lost Images #6

Der Januskopf
(F. W. Murnau; 1920)

Elisha Cook Jr. Gets the Shaft Again #14

Drunken, cast out, and humiliated by a corrupt evangelist in "Evil,"
episode 7 of Johnny Staccato (John Cassavetes; 1959)

The Frame Within the Frame #81

The Grapes of Wrath
(John Ford; 1940)

The Gunslinger Guide to Billie Holiday #7

Flappers #3

Nancy Cunard

Orpheus in Action #39

Orpheus does up his trousers

A is for Arbus #76

A Couple Kissing on Stage, New York (1963)

Annals of Crime #130

Original Caption:

Charged with Attempt to Extort $100,000 from Rosenwald.

Philadelphia -- Charles R. Weil, 29 year old unemployed bookkeeper, appeared in court with attorney to face charges of attempted extortion of $100,000 from Lessing J. Rosenwald, chairman of the Board of Sears Roebuck and Co., widely known as a philanthropist. Weil is said by police to have confessed to the attempted extortion but said that he did not intend to hurt Mr. Rosenwald but had been "mentally deranged". (1933)

We Are the Authorities on the Mind! #1

The Founder imparts crucial Dianetic research to a collected audience.

An Illustrated History of American Labor #16

Original Caption:

San Francisco -- Portrait of "Mother" Mary Jones, the famous labor leader now in San Francisco leading the fight to secure a new trial for Thomas J. Mooney, whose sentence to death for the San Francisco Preparedness Parade bomb outrage was commuted to life imprisonment by Governor Stevens of California a few weeks ago. "Mother" Jones is acting as special representative of the Illinois Federation of Labor. She is best known for her work during the Colorado mine troubles. (1918)

The Gunslinger Guide to Lee Garmes #9

from Shanghai Express
(Josef von Sternberg; 1932)

The Art of American Fantasy #66

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #132

Tricky poses with his moms (1951)

How to Read... with Richard Avedon! #19

Janis Joplin