Radio Free Gunslinger #93: That's the Novel!

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is Samuel Fuller

It is entitled That's the Novel!

This edition was programmed by Zach Mitchell

The Content

First Sequence:
Brian Eno & David Byrne - America is Waiting
Frank Zappa - Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus
Tennyson - 7:00 AM
Claude Debussy - Golliwog's Cakewalk (Orch. by André Caplet)
(Orchestre National De L'ORTF; Jean Martinon, cond.)
Tommy Handley - It's That Man Again

Second Sequence:
Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra - Mingus Fingers
The Walker Brothers - The Electrician
Wilco - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
The Beach Boys - Cabinessence
David Bowie - Abdulmajid

Third Sequence:
St. Vincent - The Strangers
The Goons - I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas
Tom Lehrer - The Masochism Tango (live)
of Montreal - Dour Percentage
Genesis - Harold the Barrel

Fourth Sequence:
Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 9 in D Major: III Rondo-Burleske
(Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; Bruno Walter, cond.)
Syd Barrett - Octopus
Daniel Johnston - Grievances
Can - I'm So Green
Eric Dolphy - Hat and Beard

King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 1

1 comment:

Nerdosupreme said...

You mixed up your Davids. It's Eno and Byrne (not Bowie). Thanks again for maintaining this always entertaining blog!