Welcome to Show Business! #83

from Pie in the Face: Cannes Festival as Carnival

Cannes -- Each running of the Cannes Festival needs a little something to set it aside from the previous editions. One year it was medical students demonstrating along the Croisette and daubing all the statuary with red paint. Another year it was an anarchist's bomb (which luckily did no damage). Still another year it was a strike at the hotels.

This will probably go down as the year Jean-Luc Godard caught a pie in the face. The cream pie, thrown by an iconoclastic Belgian journalist, it was said later, was so perfectly aimed and timed -- happening in front of television cameras and a platoon of still photographers -- that the suspicion grew, and has not fully subsided, that Godard, himself an iconoclast, might have engineered the moment himself. But the generally startled expression on his face suggested that if this were so, he didn't get the flavor he had ordered. (Los Angeles Times; May 14, 1985)

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