Illusion Travels By Streetcar #71:
The Unedited Commentary Track: A Woman of Paris (Charles Chaplin; 1923)

The cast for episode #71:

Dan Patterson
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on August 23, 2015


skorecki said...
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skorecki said...

i spent three hours with keaton on his "ranch" in 1964 and days and days with "god-ard", you sound you're acually diqscussing moviesq in a too talkative whit stillman film, or even acting as carricatures for woodyh allen's next film ....
about chaplin, please read james agee's two books ON him, please, please
louis skorecki, film antv critic for 50 ryears (CAHIERS DU CINéMA, LIBéRATION, TRAFIC ....)

skorecki said...

you're welcome to my blog, club skorecki (films, music), where you may even answer my two comments on roy o. and on cinema ... for consulting club skorecki, google club skorecki, and hop, you're chez moi