In the Studio #155

Jazz drummer Elvin Jones smokes 'em 'cause he's got 'em during a break recording Grant Green's Talkin' About album, 1964. 


Larry Ferleger said...

(I'm about to turn 72), So I heard Elvin with the Coltrane quartet several times in the early 60's. One time, the group was playing at a club in Syracuse, and to my delight(or maybe to my ego's delight),Elvin and I were wearing the same shoes, suede Clark desert boots, with a buckle.Then there was the night in the summer of '63, when they were playing at Birdland, and Trane's drummer that summer was Roy Haynes- I believe Elvin had a bit of a heroin problem. Well, Elvin comes in one night, bounding down the stairs in a t-shirt and yells out, "I feel good." And he takes over the drum chair, and the quartet goes into "My Favorite Things" , Coltrane playing in the high register of the tenor. Wow! is all I can say about that. Man Roy Haynes was a great drummer, but Elvin was so inspiring!

Greg F. said...

You're a lucky man. Elvin was one of the greats and Grant Green is one of my favorite guitarists ever, along with Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall.