Africa Talks to You #7

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Helen Keller with Zulu Tribe

South Africa -- As Counselor on International Relations for the American Foundation for Overseas Blind (AFOB), Miss Keller provided guidance and inspiration to the entire program. In 1946 she made the first of her many trips under the auspices of the Foundation to investigate the conditions and needs of blind people in all parts of the world. This year she undertook a 25,000 mile tour of Africa. There she addressed huge gatherings anxious to partake of her experiences concerning the special needs of the blind and deaf and the operation of nationwide programs. Miss Keller is photographed with members of the Zulu Tribe, Durban, Natal, Republic of South Africa. (1951)

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Robert Fiore said...

I'd thought I had this idea too late, but as the Gunslinger has taken up his shooting iron I thought I'd propose a Square Hall of Fame to complement the Cool Hall of Fame. This would honor figures who had overcome the handicap of utterly mainstream values to move the cultural needle. The keynote could be Walt Disney. Then you might consider Rudyard Kipling, Paul Whiteman, Oscar Hammerstein II, Bob Hope...

I also reiterate my suggestion of a Radio Free Gunslinger composed of spoken word selections, hosted by Art Tatum piano solos.