so loathsome i could cry #21

David and Barbara Green


Kathy Shaidle said...

Why can’t women purchase their own birth control? (Asks this Canadian woman who always has.)

John said...

Thank you.

I realize that in a diverse and pluralistic society like ours, one has to learn to accommodate the views of those with whom one might not necessarily agree, or even respect. But one does grow weary of sound, sane public policy being sabotaged by a bunch of irrational religious cranks.

marietta said...

sorry,this is a other story,but if i think about randy pausch i feel so much pain and sadness, so sad RIp my,, dearly Randy Pausch,i am sure the Lord and his angels will love you, like many peappls like you,marietta.

JonCow said...

Twilight of the Dreamblog

Tom Sutpen said...


Just the darkness before the dawn.

Keyser Soze said...

To refer to someone as "loathsome" because of their opposition to artificial birth control is just as extreme as the "extremism" these people are accused of.

I really like your blog, but your "hipper than thou" aesthetic can wear a bit thin sometimes. The only reason I and a lot of other people exist in this world today is because when I was conceived (illegitimately) abortifacients were illegal. Every major religious denomination condemned BOTH abortion AND contraception until the second half of the 20th century.

We believe that we are so enlightened, but our existence is a mere blip on the timeline of human history. Has our postmodern enlightenment made this a better world? Can we look at the past 50 years and say that humanity in its "hip" and "enlightened" state of mind has progressed? In mere material achievement perhaps, but we have also devolved into a race of empty-eyed people stuck on their texting devices, soulless and bored.

If you disagree with the position of Mr. and Mrs. Green, why not give an explanation why. The name-calling and sloganeering that pass for political discourse FROM BOTH SIDES of such issues are an embarrassment--as is your post.

charlie said...

Why can’t women purchase their own birth control? (Asks this Canadian woman who always has.)

In this country, people such as the Greens work tirelessly to keep medical care expensive and wages as low as possible. In the United States, the cost of having an IUD implanted represents a month's wages for a worker earning the minimum wage.

This isn't really about religious beliefs; it's about shaming women who wish to have sex for any reason other than procreation. It also ignores the fact that many women take hormonal birth control for reasons having nothing to do with preventing pregnancy.

I hope that clears things up for you.

Testify said...

The Greens are hypocrites. Not willing to pay a small amount for Birth Control as part of healthcare plan but willing to profit from it
I find that kind of hypocrisy loathsome regardless of their particular stance on birth control. Frankly, though, I am surprised anyone thought this needed an explanantion.
I am also saddened that one may think my posts mark a twilight for this blog but rather pleased to be called hipper than thou. Fancy!At my age!

Django said...

"If you don't have the money to cover the check, you've got no business writing it. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Don't bite off more than you can chew…" These are just a few cliches that stress a long held belief by Americans--back when we were self-respecting, self-reliant types--that you should not try to do something you are not ready to do.

Now I know this is terribly uncool for most of your readers (and probably you) but, from a strictly libertarian standpoint, sex, thanks to nature, has an inevitable consequence. If two people are not prepared to deal with the consequence, they have no business engaging in that activity. Further, it is not up to us to pick up the tab for someone else's urges. If someone's "gotta have it" that badly, maybe they need to take a harder look at what "having it" entails and adapt to a lifestyle that makes sexual activity more prudent.

I know, I know, totally uncool. We're so advanced now that we are "entitled" to such gratifications and we need big bro to pay for it.

There's also the problem of this document called the Constitution. It is typically legislated by Congresses and ratified by voters when amended. It's not reasonable to expect nine judges to rewrite it at will. If the vast majority of Americans believe that the general populace should subsidize the sexual appetites of those unfit or unprepared for parenthood, then they can amend the constitution and revoke religious liberty. Until then, the government should not force people to violate their own conscience--even it that conscience takes a position that is again, oh so uncool.

Personally, I'm grateful to the Greens. They've saved a lot of small business owners the expense of lawsuits by paying up to fight for their rights all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I guess the five justices who don't agree with the hipsters and cool people are so loathsome you could cry too.

Nice blog. Gotta disagree sometimes. Sorry.

Fiddlin Bill said...

While the Greens are loathsome in their hypocrisy (since their company also invests in the very corporations that manufacture the drugs they object to facilitating their employees in obtaining, as well as stocking as merchandise many products originating in China, which has a one-child-per-family policy), it is the Supreme Court which must be held accountable for this appalling legal decision.

Fiddlin Bill said...

What does a "strictly libertarian" point of view have to do with anything? This isn't a "strictly libertarian" country and it never will be. This week the Supreme Court just made a monumentally perverse legal decision which will affect all of us in many ways. The only solution is to start voting these reactionaries out.

G said...

Uhhhhhhhhh, Hobby Lobby covers 16 contraceptives.
Hobby Lobby does not cover 3 abortificants or ' day after' pills

G said...

seems only comments supporting the falsehoods are permitted.
HL covers 16 contraceptives.....but like my other comment I figger you will not allow this one either

John said...

Why is it always the "unintended consequences" of . . . SEX (or "sexual appetites", as Django so colorfully puts it) that always gets the right wing so riled up? You know, the unintended consequences of eating too much red meat/cheese/bacon/pizza/junk food (what the Bible refers to as the sin of "gluttony") and drinking too much alcohol, and smoking too many cigarettes, and not getting enough exercise, are, in no particular order, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, lung cancer, etc., etc., the treatment for which costs many, many times what it costs to keep a woman in birth control pills for a lifetime. But none of the Hobby Lobby types appear to have any religious scruples about having to pay for some fat, lazy, alcoholic slob who hits 50 years old and needs half a dozen very expensive prescription meds just to get out of bed every day, and will need increasing, very expensive medical care as he nears life's end with a laundry list of very preventable medical conditions. No, it's only the sin of "sex" that gets these phonies all lathered up and lecturing us about their religious liberties being trampled on. Whiny, hectoring hypocrites - every last one of them. Please go away while the rest of us try to make our way through the 21st Century.

Fiddlin Bill said...

From Bill Moyers Journal this week:
"And to me I think it raises one terrifying possibility which is that contraception isn’t a real medical need, and that scares me. The other is that maybe that this religion is somehow just a real religion and that the court is inserting itself into the business of deciding when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come along and the Scientologists and the strict Muslims, that their religious claims are less privileged, that’s equally terrifying in my view." --DAHLIA LITHWICK
Here's the whole conversation; it's pretty enlightening:

You'd think that a lot of conservatives would be worried by this decision too.