Annals of Crime #123

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New York -- In the doorway of his cafe, located in the heart of Little Italy on New York's Lower East Side, Angelo Greco lies dead, target of a lone gunman who fired four accurate shots. The slaying took place as the street was crowded with hundreds returning to their homes after the day's work. Not one of the people peering out of the windows - in common Lower East Side fashion - nor those on the street knew anything about the shooting. Police said Greco had a record of ten arrests and two convictions. One was for possession, one for illegal sale of alcohol. (1939)

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Robert Fiore said...

My favorite example of New York wit came from a co-worker of mine. On the day when the Albert Anastasia killing was in all the papers he's in the elevator with a stranger and as a joke he says, "Nice work in the barber shop yesterday."

The other fellow answers like a shot: "You saw me!?"