The Record Men #8

Jerry Wexler, Ahmet Ertegun, Nesuhi Ertegun
Atlantic Records

'There was a kind of record man,' Wexler has said in what might almost serve as an idealized self- portrait,'that was the complete record man, a Renaissance man if you will, who did the whole thing. First, he had the brass to imagine that he could do it, that he could find somebody who would spend a dollar, a good hard - earned American dollar, for his phonograph record. Then he had to find an artist, find a song, con the artist into coming into his studio, coax him into singing the song, pull the record out of him, press the record;then take that record and go to the disc jockeys and con them into putting it on the radio, then go to the distributors and beg them to take a box of twenty - five and try it out . That's the kind of experience that very few people get anymore.'

(from Sweet Soul Music by Peter Guralnick)

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