Faces From the Past #19

Linda Dugeau
Founded  The Motor Maids of America in 1940.
America's first women's motorcycling organisation 


John said...

She's not unknown! She's Linda!

The Sanity Inspector said...


bill chinery said...

She is Linda Dugeau, founder of the Meter Maids.

See: http://www.motorcyclemuseum.org/halloffame/detail.aspx?RacerID=316

And I am an antique Harley nerd of epic proportion. :P

Testify said...

Bill Chinery I slaute you...gonna have to change the title of this pic now though from Unknown Model/Unknown year to...?

Testify said...

Settled on Faces From The Past.

bill chinery said...

My pleasure!
It is a treat to actually be able to contribute something to this site, as I have enjoyed it immensely for quite a while now.