They Were Collaborators #861

Lucille Ball and Orson Welles


Handsome said...

"We couldn't get the extra $50,000, and I said if they put up the extra $50,000 I'd do "Smiler with a Knife" free. Because they wouldn't agree on Lucille Ball, who they said was too old for a leading part. And no good, and a B actress, and all that. You can imagine how idiotic they were. She was a stock actress then. They didn't know what they had."

--Orson Welles, on wanting to cast Lucille Ball in his first movie. ("Smiler with a Knife" was ultimately never made; Welles did "Citizen Kane" instead.)

ElNeato said...

good quote handsome..welles had an appreciation of comic actors

welles showed up on i love lucy

and it was he that named gleason-the great one-