Artists in Action #837

Cary Grant exits


Robert Fiore said...

"Like I'd be caught dead driving one of these."

John said...

He's standing on the east side of Park Avenue in NY City, between 58th and 59th Street. (That's East 58th Street right behind his head, running between the two buildings, each one of which, by the way, is still standing - somewhat unusual for this part of Manhattan.) Not sure why he would have been photographed in this particular location. He would have been facing a nice old, pre-WWII apartment building (485 Park Avenue) on the NE corner of Park Ave. and East 58th Street that is also still there, but the building next door to it is a glass tower (499 Park Ave.) that obviously post-dates this photo. In any case, Cary Grant, as always, just exudes urban cool and sophistication, even emerging from that clownish micro-car.