viceroys, prophets and hillbilly cats #12

Alvis Wayne
December 31, 1937 to July 31 2013)

Artists in Action #806

Minutemen relax

twilight of the dreamboats #77

Greenwich Village, New York, 1974

a who's who of swinging london #22

Vidal Sassoon and Mary Quant

They Were Collaborators #839

Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hawks

Artists in Action #805

William S. Burroughs grins

In the Studio #134

Elaine Stritch

Seminal Image #1099

The Set-Up
(Robert Wise; 1949)

They Were an Item #167

Nicholas Ray and Natalie Wood

the record men #3

Sam Phillips, founder of Sun records.

Memphis music legend James Dickinson on recording with Phillips:

"We got there and Sam had a suit and tie on and he was walking around with a clipboard in his hand, writing down microphones and stuff and I got real excited. I'd been around him, but I'd never really met him. That session was the first time I felt the hands of a master. I looked into the black pools of madness in Sam's eyes and I saw the same thing Elvis and Howlin' Wolf saw."
 (It Came From Memphis Robert Gordon)

artifacts #43

One of George Formby's Ukuleles

Radio Free Gunslinger #53: A Letting Down

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is H.L. Mencken

It is entitled A Letting Down

The Content

First Sequence:
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan - Lonely Bell
Joel Mathis - Time Machine
Jacqueline Hyde & The Moonfolk - Strange New World
Hank Malcolm - Mary Turn Around
Donel Austin - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Second Sequence:
Julia Lee - A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid
Faye Adams - My Greatest Desire
Paula Weston - A Little Bird Told Me
Little Miss Cornshucks - He's Funny That Way
Marion Abernathy - What is the Matter With Me?

Third Sequence:
Blind Blake - Blind Arthur's Breakdown
William Moore - Ragtime Millionaire
Chicken Wilson & Skeeter Hinton - D.C. Rag
Bayless Rose - Frisco Blues
Willie Walker - South Carolina Rag (tk. 2)

Fourth Sequence:
Victor Young - White
Sylvia Syms - Someone to Light Up My Life
Dean Martin - Hit the Road to Dreamland
Peggy Lee - That's All
Alec Wilder - Air for Bassoon

Big Bill Broonzy - Hollerin' and Cryin' the Blues

The Record Men (and women) #2

Jim Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton, founders of the Stax label.
Jim Stewart was born this day in 1930

The Gunslinger Guide to B. Kliban #3

they were collaborators #838

Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew

The Record Men #1

Leonard Chess

'The majors were deaf to this moment, because it was new and dangerous and fun, but to immigrant hustlers like Leonard Chess it was a fortune waiting to be made. and so rose a new generation of tycoon-the independent record man.' (from Machers and Rockers by Rich Cohen) 

A Heads-Up


Just a word for those who listen to our podcast, Radio Free Gunslinger. This week's offering, #53 in our series, will be delayed 24 hours due to illness . . . mine. Nothing major; just something what feels like the flu (in summer, no less). I'll have it for you all on Tuesday.

treading the boards #57

Jerry Lee Lewis as Iago with The Blossom's (Fanita James, Jean King and Darlene Love) in Catch My Soul, Jack Good's R&B adaptation of Othello which ran for six weeks at Ahmanson Theatre of Los Angeles Music Center6 weeks at 

they were collaborators #837

Jay-Z and Big Daddy Kane

The Signpost Up Ahead #6

On Thursday We Leave For Home, 1963.

Artifacts #42

Program from an 1966 El Paso production of Pirandello's HENRY IV, featuring the cast of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, incl. John Reynolds (Torgo) Thomas Neyman (The Master), Hal Warren (writer/director,/Mike) and William Bryan Jennings (Cop). Photo courtesy of Benton Jennings.

The Signpost Up Ahead #5

Ed Wynn in One For The Angels, 1959.

The Signpost Up Ahead #4

Leonard Strong in The Hitch-Hiker, 1960.

The Signpost Up Ahead #3

Fritz Weaver and Edward Andrews in Third From The Sun, 1960.

hierophants of hip hop #16

Eric B and Rakim

The Signpost Up Ahead #2

Maxine Stuart in Eye of the Beholder, 1960.

The Signpost Up Ahead #1

 Lois Nettleton in The Midnight Sun, 1961.

This Week's Weegee #98

The Golden Age of Prurience #82

Artists in Action #804

Redd Foxx shows his badge

The Art of the WPA #34

The Gunslinger Guide to Sophia Loren #30