The Art of Jazz #146

 photo 4205.jpg
(Pete LaRoca)
(Blue Note Records; 1965)

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Mr Bigpants Cock (of the) Walk said...

Gorgeous album cover and great great album!! I think Joe Henderson said something to the effect like he spent his career writing the same sentence--he would just pickup and leave off with each solo. its one of my favorite sentences! But sometimes those blue note covers are almost as fun to look at as the music is to listen to. The photos by Francis Wolff so perfectly recreate the acoustics established by Rudy Van Gelder!! and Reid Miles designs are always so damn cool. If I was a recording artist, I would steal every design idea from these covers.

PS--Pete La Roca put an album out two years after this one called Turkish Women at the Bath that includes John Gilmore on rare Arkestra escape and Chick Corea who does amazing minimalist drawnout things on the piano throughout all the songs. it is a VERY unique sounding album. hear it if you haven't yet!