And Then It Was Ephemera #94

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John said...

Intro. by John G. Schmitz - total whack-job Republican Congressman from California. His right wing views were so extreme, the John Birch Society, of which he was a long-time member, disowned him. (Of course, he'd be right at home in today's dysfunctional, wingnut Republican Party.) Fathered two illegitimate children, but after his mistress died, he refused to have anything to do with, or financially support, the orphaned children. Who knows what ever became of them. "Family values" in the flesh!!

One of Schmitz's "legitimate" children was Mary Kay Letourneau, later infamous for having seduced her 12-year old student. After spending 7 years in prison for child rape, she was released and then married the kid, who was by then of legal age. Evidently, they are still together, and she's had at least two children by him; i.e., John Schmitz's grandchildren.

Some people lead more adventurous lives than I do.

Fiddlin Bill said...

The book cover could have been pasted from a Glenn Beck blackboard.