annals of public performance #75

Linda Gail Lewis and Kenny Lovelace at Panther Hall Fort Worth Texas 1971


marietta said...

The story of bugs and flowers . long time ago,wenn i was a little girl,i go on the hand with my its a new familie in the naighbarhood.they hat a taughter .wenn i sometimes her see,i wonder,she cannot go straight ,it looks like she hat a bunch an her bag bitweet the shoulders.the impression ithings ,that she look to the bugs stones and flowers on the ground.i ask my mother wats inside this thing.mama said :" my dear inside are her Wings".

Suki said...

Good old Panther Hall. I remember it well. During its time, many, many country artists played there and went on to become huge stars. I remember a very young Willie Nelson and an equally young Waylon Jennings played there many times, as did Jerry Lee Lewis. The time was the 1960s.