When Legends Gather #815

Prof. Irwin Corey, Hermoine Gingold and Burgess Meredith


Sock MonKey 1 said...

One of these is not like the others.

JonCow said...

Why is Hermoine Gingold sitting between Prof. Irwin Corey and Burgess Meredith?

Frank Coleman said...

Some ask "why?" Others, "why not?"

Loyolalaw98 said...

Corey and Meredith were in "Happy as Larry", described as "a musical fantasy with music by Mischa Portnoff and Wesley Portnoff and book by Donagh MacDonagh (based on his play)."

It also starred Gene Barry. It opened January 6, 1950 and ran for 3 performances.

I can't date the photo although it looks later than 1950 to me.

Gingold and Meredith were in a movie together in rtye late 60s, but that doesn't line up with the photo either.