shutterbug friday #15: dennis hopper


genn jene said...

Tina is playing the washboard incorrectly

marietta said...

boring back sides

Tricky said...

Pic Nº 5, cover of the (wonderful) Smiths Best of Vols 1 & 2.

Is this a true story from ?

A few years ago Dennis was flicking through the racks of CDs in Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. He comes across a copy of The Smiths Greatest Hits, with a photo of a tattooed biker with quiff and his kohl-eyed girlfriend on the cover.

Dennis recognises the photo as his! Goes postal and gets his agent on the phone, threatening to sue The Smiths for stealing his work!

Agent says that Dennis signed the picture over during one of his 'lost weekends/weeks/months'

"Did I get paid?"

"You did Dennis"

"I can put the gun away then."

Link to Hopper in front of photo -