Heroes of Animated Cinema #10

The wildest of Warner Brothers cartoon directors, Bob Clampett, goes over the story board for the brilliant amalgam of Daffy Duck and Dick Tracy, The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946), with layout artist Tom McKimson (standing) and story men Michael Sasanoff and Hubie Karp. (Image courtesy of animation historian Michael Barrier.)

Clampett was born 100 years ago today, and the world is a funnier place for it. Celebrate the occasion with a Clampett WB classic like Book Revue, an episode of his pun-filled TV series Beany & Cecil or, if your delicate sensibilities can handle it, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs


James said...

Stan Freberg's autiobiography, ONLY WHEN I LAUGH, devotes some ink to Clampett. Freberg worked for him doing the live-action puppet show, "Time For Beany."

swac said...

I believe there are some clips from Time for Beany on the Beany & Cecil DVDs produced by Clampett's family. Worth seeking out!

It seems Stan arrived at Warner Bros. around the same time Clampett was leaving, but they did work together on a one-off cartoon for Republic Pictures called It's a Grand Old Nag in 1947, Clampett's last studio short and Stan's first on-screen credit:

Andy 7 said...

Neon Noddle? Juke Box Jaws?

swac said...