Radio Free Gunslinger #43: Can Anybody Play?

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger, entitled 'Can Anybody Play?,' is Ayn Rand

The Content

First Sequence:
The Rubinoos - Bubblegum Music
Linus of Hollywood - I Enjoy Being a Boy (In Love with You)
Guilherme Arantes - The Rain, the Park, and Other Things
Beagle - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
The Dickies - Pretty Ballerina

Second Sequence:
Teenage Fanclub - Between Us
Redd Kross - Dancing Queen
The Beautiful South - Blitzkrieg Bop
P. Hux - Do Ya
Sonic Youth - Superstar

Third Sequence:
Bombones - Girlfriend in a Coma
Bleu - You Might Think
16 Volt - Turning Japanese
The Spazzys - I Want You Back
Copeland - Every Breath You Take

Fourth Sequence:
The Van DeLecki's - Elusive Butterfly
The Merrymakers - Feel a Whole Lot Better
Model Rockets - Ring the Bells
Tommy Keene - Carrie Anne
James Combs - See Emily Play

Vibravoid - Tomorrow Never Knows (live)


mister muleboy said...

I lack words.

Bravo, sir

John said...


Tom Sutpen said...


Thank you, my good man.


Who? Me??

Sock MonKey 1 said...

Great to see P. Hux getting some play.

John said...

Tom Sutphen:
Heavens, no. Not you. I was referring to the deranged fantasist in the picture; you know, Paul Ryan's intellectual heroine.