Annals of Crime #117

Original Caption:

Virginia -- An elaborate layout of surgical instruments, narcotic supplies and other medical equipment was seized from a farm house in Faquier County by police who arrested seven persons on charges of operating an abortion ring. Authorities said the ring took in $600,000 a year. Among those arrested was Dr. George T. Strother, surgeon, of Brunswick, Maryland, who is shown at right with a patient. The man with his back to the camera is a doctor who accompanied the police on the raid. (1954)


John said...

Welcome to today's enlightened Republican Party, where "outlawing abortion" means knocking down doors and arresting doctors and their female patients in remote farmhouses, while eliminating, in the name of austerity, federal assistance to those compelled by force of law to carry unplanned, unwanted pregnancies to term.

You think I'm kidding? Talk to your fellow citizens in North Dakota.

estiv said...
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Unknown said...

This is actually timely in Virginia, a recent law has been upheld in Richmond just this week that will close down the 20 abortion clinics because they don't meet new guidelines for facility standards and will be forced to spend huge sums of money to do the repairs or close down. I guess another way at the question in Virginia is to force the doors to shut on technicalities.