But Did You Read the Book? #14

R.I.P. Sol Yurick, author of the book that inspired the film The Warriors (1979)

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Andrew Nette said...


My name is Andrew Nette. I am a writer and reviewer based in Melbourne, Australia. I check in with you site every now and again but missed this post.

I was wondering, when was this edition of Yurick's The Warriors published and who by? Do you own the edition?

I ask because I am currently putting together a history of pulp fiction and youth culture to be published in late 2015. The book is a mixture of covers, reviews of key texts, thematic articles and interviews.

One of the books we are reviewing is The Warriors. The only cover I have been able to find is the 1979 movie tie in by a UK publisher called Star books. I have been trying to hunt down a decent scan of one of the earlier editions but without luck.

If you own it, I was wondering whether I might be able to get a scan of it?

My e-mail is andrewnette@gmail.com and I'd love to hear from you.