Twilight of the Dreamboats #54


gympanzi said...

I'm starting to feel like you guys should give me some credit if you're going to keep reposting my posts...

I've always credited you when blogging things from you, why is this happening?

swac said...

I guess you'd have to ask the individual posters, we're all pretty independent of one another. For myself, if I borrow something from another blog (which I rarely do, but it happens) I always credit the source, or correct the attribution when properly informed otherwise.

Daniel's email is there in his profile if you'd like to address him directly.

ras berry said...

why would someone deserve a credit for something they just... reblogged?
what about the source of the actual, original photographer?

Tom Sutpen said...

My question exactly.

This is why I've never asked that anything re-blogged from 'Gunslinger' be credited to this blog.

ede said...

BTW: Who shut the photo???

gympanzi said...

you mean like my original post where I give credit? such as this one where I chose two photos out of approximately 50 from a blog post of screen captures, and credited the blog - and your blog chose the identical two photos, not even crediting the original blog that created the source material?
mine: from a few days before:

that's blatant.

do what you wish, but this is happening frequently. I credit where I find it, so others can see my source and perhaps find more interesting material there.

Tom Sutpen said...

Again, you're working on the assumption that all of this is coordinated; as if "this blog" were engaged in a prolonged, organized campaign to plunder yours.

That is simply not the case.

I would also ask that you (and other bloggers) examine this obsession you all seem to have with reciprocal links . . . as if that, and not the presentation of interesting material were the purpose of this enterprise. Far as I'm concerned, you and everyone else can take any image on this blog, slap it on yours, and never once mention from where you got it.

Will that satisfy you?

WillyC said...


I am glad that you produce a high-quality site. I was unaware of it until your comment. I agree completely with Tom. I do this to share things that I like, have some interesting dialogue, and hopefully to learn a few things. I do not seek any credit.

gympanzi said...

Dear Mr. Sutpen:

I think you're missing my point, and you seem strangely defensive about this.

I take no satisfaction in knowing that I could (as I am sure many do) take material from your blog without crediting you) that does not interest me at all. That is not what I do.

Perhaps crediting the original source of the material (which is rarely me, by the way, my blog is made up largely of things I have found on other blogs) is worth doing? I feel strongly that it is.

And your rude comment about an obsession with reciprocal links seems misdirected. I am frankly surprised at your response. Did you read my message?

So in short - your being snide and belittling does not "satisfy" me. There is nothing you need to do to satisfy me. It makes me wonder what the real issue is here? Is this something you have been besieged by and so are sensitive about it? If so I am sorry, I had no idea. I have been a loyal follower of this blog for several years and always enjoy the posts. I was surprised over the last few weeks by many repeats of my posts, appearing a few days after mine, and wanted to bring that to your attention.

I am just a guest here and have no intention of spamming your comments. I just wanted to voice my concerns, and I won't intrude further.

Daniel Riccuito said...

Dear gympanzi:

I routinely pilfer images from your amazing site -- mea culpa. And while I generally don't credit internet "sources" (for the obvious reason that they're virtually never primary), please know that I adore the reblogging at Sloth Unleashed, one of my favorite sites. I'll start crediting you.


Peter Yezukevich said...

And here I assumed it would be all the boobies to bring Daniel heat.

Daniel Riccuito said...

Boobies are hot.