Welcome to Show Business! #47

The Sex Pistols before their first rehearsal together (August, 1975)


estiv said...

What kind of band has a publicity picture taken before its first rehearsal? Oh right, a band put together by Malcolm McLaren.

WillyC said...

It is amazing that a manufactured band could be both one of the best and one of the most influential bands ever.

mister muleboy said...

I'll gently take issue with the notion that the Pistols were a "manufactured" band.

Glen was certainly an employee and "hanger-on" at Malcolm and Viv's place, but Jones and Cookie were looking to while away the time playing in a band. They were all players, of a sort. Except for google-eyes, who was admittedly later added -- but with the players' approval in addition to urging by Malcolm.

Introducing players and then looking to direct them and capitalize on them is, at least to me, distinguishable from manufacturing them (e.g. pitching a TV series and assembling a production crew before casting actors/musicians to portray the band).

Having gently argued, now let me ungently second one of the best !