The Art of Cinema #512

The Chapman Report
(George Cukor; 1962)


Sock MonKey 1 said...

Danton, Hardin, Duggan and Dehner: you could have worked up a pretty good "B" western with that line-up.

Brent McKee said...

That was very close to being the whole point. When the movie switched from 20th Century Fox to Warner Brothers, Jack Warner replaced the original male leads with Warner Brothers TV leads: Danton (The Alaskans), Duggan (Bourbon Street Beat), Hardin (Sugarfoot), Dehner (The Roaring 20s), and Zimbalist (77 Sunset Strip). They were all under contract at the studio for their TV work and so wouldn't be paid extra for the movie but who had been looking for material to stretch their acting. Jack Warner apparently thought too that they'd attact the fans of their TV shows to see them in the movie.

Sock MonKey 1 said...

Thanks for that background info, Brent.