Radio Free Gunslinger #2

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is Vladimir Nabokov.

The Content

First Sequence:
Sonic Youth - Skip Tracer
The Breeders - Happiness is a Warm Gun
Pavement - Transport is Arranged
Mazzy Starr - Ride It On
Michael Penn - Long Way Down (Look What the Cat Drug In)

Second Sequence:
The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (Mildred Bailey, voc.) - Shouting in the Amen Corner
Esther Walker - Ya Gotta Know How to Love
Una Mae Carlisle - If I Had You
Sophie Tucker - If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love
Jane Green - I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now

Third Sequence:
The Ducanes - I'm So Happy (Tra-la-la)
Noreen Corcoran - Why Can't a Boy and Girl Just Stay in Love?
The Paris Sisters - He Knows I Love Him Too Much
Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans - My Heart Beat a Little Bit Faster
Spector's Three - Mr. Robin

Fourth Sequence:
The Fisk Jubilee Singers - My Lord is Writing All the Time
The Goodwill Male Chorus - Good News, the Chariot is Coming
Kings of Harmony Quartette - Fountain of Blood
The Wandering Boys - Lead Me to That Rock
Hall Johnson Choir - Great Camp Meeting

Art Blakey & His Jazz Messengers - Blues March


shrineodreams said...

This is great but is there a track list? I want to locate one or two of these tunes.

Frank Coleman said...

OUTSTANDING lineup! Bravo, Tom! BRAVO!

Sock MonKey 1 said...

This is excellent. RFG is a great addition to the blog.

shrineodreams said...

Thanks for the listing. The Ducanes number was completely new to me.

Jessica R. said...

Marvelous. Like a history lesson and a novel and a late night drive over a desolate plain with only the crackling AM for company at once.

Emily said...

Loving this series! The edit into the third sequence of this ep just made my morning XD