Musical Indulgence #13

“Oh Susannah” music by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. (Bernard Shakey, 2012) To see Mr. Shakey’s 40-minute promo film of the new Neil Young & Crazy Horse album, click here.


marietta said...

laughin,dancing and musik ar healthy,
smoking ca be deadly.this is really a nice party with neil young.the little boy dancing so wonderfull,mama smiled mild wenn the boy smoked.
mama still smiled liked
"Isabella d. Aragon,
from "Leonardo da Vinci.

marietta said...

Childs dream-
or iternal flame !

A lttle true story,long long time morning mama is in the kitchen to fix breakfast for the son befor hi going to skool 1.class.she went to his room to wake up him.he looked tired and sad.he didn`t want to eat anythink.he was vacantly.absent he strokes the cat.mama said "oh my darlind is anythink alright ".? tenderly he put her arm around him.and than he began to told the dream.from the last night.

the little flame in ouer warmwasser
boiler went out.wat now.only his little favorit woodsoldier is small enught to light the the smal hohl.the woodsoldier standing with a proud smile behind the burning flame.suddenly the little soldier deflated, he was burned dream end.
mama noun him softly.