Firesign Theatre's Peter Bergman dies at 72

After a battle with leukemia, Peter Bergman (far right) from "comedy's equivalent to the Beatles", Firesign Theatre, plays his final round of Beat the Reaper.

You can read one obit, with an interview with fellow Firesigner Phil Procter, here.

Here's a more personal farewell from Richard Metzger, complete with insane 1969 ads the troupe did for Jack Poet Volkswagen in Highland Park, L.A.


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mackpayson said...

"Hey mister' I got a nickel! Wait for me!"

Thanks, Phil.

Flickhead said...

Holy Mudhead, mackerel!

Vanwall said...

This was especially bad news. I went to many live shows, they were amazing, funny, interactive, subversive, and I loved it all. RIP, Peter Bergman, your brilliance will never pass this way again.