People Who Died #52

Rory Storm


marietta said...

this face reminds me a little bit on the wonderfull masterpiece from
michelangelo " david "
best marietta.

swac said...

I believe this is a photo taken by the Moptops' good friend Astrid Kirchherr.

swac said...

I always wondered if Rory Storm was the inspiration for The Kinks' "Johnny Thunder".

chained and perfumed said...

Definitely by Kirchherr. Not sure about Johnny Thunder though.

swac said...

There's a recent performance clip of Johnny Thunder by Ray Davies, where he prefaces by saying it's about someone he admired when he was a kid.

He brings the character back in the song One of the Survivors on Preservation Act One:

See Johnny Thunder sitting on his motorbike
Riding along the highway,
Rock and Roll songs from the nineteen-fifties
Buzzing around in his brain.
Johnny Thunder he's one of the original bebop generation
And he's got no time for complicated music or too much sophistication.

He's one of the survivors,
The motorbike riders.
You ought to see Johnny Thunder riding down the highway
One of the rock and roll survivors,
Twelve bars flowing through his brain.
He digs Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion and The Belmonts,
And Johnny & The Hurricanes.

He plays Hound Dog, Oh Boy, and Great Balls of Fire
And Boppin' At The High School Hop.
And he's got no time for phonies or posers
'Cos they don't know how to reel and rock.
And he plays Little Egypt and Ooh Poo Pah Doo,
And he plays Poison Ivy and Blue Suede Shoes,
The Hollywood Argyles, Danny & The Juniors,
Dion & The Belmonts, Johnny & The Hurricanes.

He's one of the survivors,
The boppers and the jivers,
Yeah and he rocks all day.
Johnny & The Hurricanes, Johnny & The Hurricanes.

Got my freedom riding along the freeway.
I ride a hundred miles an hour but I don't mess up my D.A.
Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock 'n' roll.
You can't stop rock 'n' rollin' music play.
([Repeat] last two lines)

Feel those vibrations flow in my brain.
Got my freedom riding down the highway,
Keeps me sane, feel alive,
I'm one of the survivors.

Feel all right.
First gear, second gear, third gear, fourth gear, all right.
Old Johnny Thunder looks a little overweight,
And his sideburns are turning grey.
But he still likes to bebop, boogie and jive
To his worn out seventy-eights.
Johnny Thunder.
He's alright.
He's one of the survivors,
Twelve bars flowing through his brain,
Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion & The Belmonts,
Johnny & The Hurricanes, Johnny & The Hurricanes

swac said...

The song was recorded in the spring of 1973, only a few months after Rory Storm's death, I'm thinking it can't just be a coincidence.

estiv said...

The fact that Rory Storm's band was the Hurricanes would seem to be another piece of evidence.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Is there anything Liverpudlian that is not fascinating to me ... frankly, no. But look out Swac, here come Flash: He'll pull up the floor boards, knock down the walls, rock the foundations until the house falls & that's the truth.

swac said...

That Flash is in disgrace.

marietta said...

...and dont forget the great bo diddley,with his corious spezial kind of rythm.