The Art of Jazz #128

Trombone By Three
(Jay Jay Johnson, Kai Winding, Bennie Green)
(Prestige; 1956)


estiv said...

Wonderful fifties cover by then-unknown graphics artist, not exactly representative of his later work. But 16 RPM? Good thing trombones are pretty much low-frequency.

swac said...

This might be the first 16 RPM music LP (or RLP for Really Long Player) I've ever come across. Mostly I've just seen it used for spoken word stuff (bible stories, audio books etc.).

Tom Degan said...

You mean they really made records at 16 RPM? I've never come across one in my life - and I'm an avid record collector!

You live and learn.

Tom Degan

swac said...

The Dual turntable in our old Fleetwood stereo console had 16 r.p.m. on it, but the only thing I can remember playing at that speed is old Chipmunks records, to hear Ross Bagdasarian and co. sing Alvin's Harmonica in weird, overly-enunciated adult voices.