The Art of the Girlie Mag #21

Health and Life (March, 1925)
"Health and Life: The National Monthly Magazine for Health, Physical Education, and Right Living " 
(featuring "Camping Out in the Snow - a Real Hardy 'Health and Life' Girl").


shrineodreams said...

What is "Humanity's Worst Curse"?

mister muleboy said...

Preventable social diseases.

* * *

Five out of every ten young men become infected. That means that 50 percent only of our manhood can be assured of becoming healthy parents of healthy children.

* * *

Get acquainted with your son's associates. If you have discussed this subject fully with him, he will probably keep away from the professinal fallen woman; but don't forget that the loose girl associate who is highly sexed, emotional, undisciplined, a reader of trashy literature and a seeker of thrills, is almost as dangerous to your son as the "woman of sin."

(I believe that this was intended to add "redeeming social value," just as the photos of weight-lifting young men were there to balance the women in skimpy athletic togs.)

shrineodreams said...

Well, it is redeeming. Who wouldn't want to protect their son from loose girl associates and, anyway, perhaps she'd prefer an older man.
Only 50 percent? Yes, this is of great social value!