Art of Cinema #466

Morgan - A Suitable Case for Treatment
(Karel Reisz; 1966)

Seminal Image #1021

Morgan - A Suitable Case for Treatment
(Karel Reisz; 1966)

They Were Collaborators #688

Vanessa Redgrave and Karel Reisz

Seminal Image #1020

(Jacques Demy; 1961)

When Legends Gather #621

Hiroshi Teshigahara, Anouk Aimee, Jacques Demy and Saro Urzi.

They Were Collaborators #687
Charlie Louvin Dies at 83

The Louvin Brothers, in better days.

Charlie Louvin followed brother Ira into the great beyond on Wednesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Read his obit in The Washington Post here.

American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s #22

The Book-Nook Jazzophiles
(featuring Leon "Bix" Beiderbecke on cornet)

Artifacts #21

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate

Great Moments In Moxie #26

Chagrin Falls, Ohio shows off its Moxie.

Artists in Action #627

Alfred Hitchcock wonders if he should have quit while he was ahead.

Men of the West #44

William S. Hart

The Gunslinger Guide to Catherine Deneuve #10

Similar Images #14

La Dolce Vita
(Federico Fellini; 1960)

(Richard Brooks; 1971)

The Cool Hall of Fame #203

Wanda Jackson

The Art of Cinema #465

(Frank Lloyd; 1933)

They Were Collaborators #686

Stephen Sondheim toasts Lee Remick at the Anyone Can Whistle premiere afterparty.

Ancient Voices #30

Elizabeth Cotten

A is for Arbus #56

Two ladies at the automat (1966)

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #111

Tricky taunts his subjects from behind bullet-proof glass (1973)

Signs and Meaning in Cinema #48

Signs: -30-
(Jack Webb; 1959)

Weekend #9

Musical Indulgence #12

Cosmic Slop promo film (1973)

In the very first Musical Indulgences post, Tom indicated that he wanted to keep the posting of music clips to a minimum on the Gunslinger, but sometimes a gem comes along that you can't resist sharing. First off, it wasn't until the end-of-year celebrity obit roundups that I learned that Funkadelic singer and guitarist Gary Shider had passed away on June 16, 2010, and I feel remiss in not acknowledging that sad fact sooner. What better way to do that than to watch this mind-blowing clip for Cosmic Slop, featuring the Funkadelic freak factory in full regalia in Central Park and on the Manhattan streets (check out those movie billboards). Shider, who sings lead on the recording, isn't hard to spot, he's the one in the diaper.

The Art of Cinema #464

(Michael Anderson; 1956)

Broadcasters #85

The on-air staff of BBC Radio One, circa 1967.

The Ink & Paint Set #40

Joe E. Brown and Martha Raye
from Mother Goose Goes Hollywood
(Wilfred Jackson, Tee Hee; Walt Disney; 1938)

In the Studio #69

Mickey and Sylvia attempt to determine exactly how strange love is, with some outside help.