The Frame Within the Frame #39
The Gunslinger Guide to Barbara Steele #2

Barbara Steele is thinking outside the box in L'Orribile Segreto del Dr. Hichcock
(Riccardo Freda; 1962)


swac said...

Did you grab this from the Region 2 DVD? I'm thinking about getting one, but hadn't heard if it was any good or not.

Frank Coleman said...

It is indeed a frame grab from a PAL DVD but it was custom glommed together with a soundtrack from a VHS source and elsewhere, by someone at a website that Shall Not Be Named. So, in other words, it's not something that's commercially available per se.

I spent a good deal of time finding one that had nice composition. The way the fingers line up with her face, etc...

All that said, the R2 disc looks grand, visually.