Annals of Crime #107

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Washington -- A police ambulance leaves a house in Northwest Washington, DC, where seven persons were found murdered. According to initial reports, four men on foot were observed running from the house and two .38 caliber pistols were found along their path. It was later discovered that the crimes had been committed by seven members of the organized crime syndicate and rival Muslim group the Black Mafia as part of an ideological attack again the Hanafi (Orthodox) Muslims based in the house. The intended target, Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, the leader of the Hanafi Muslims, was not at home. Two adults and a child were shot to death, while four other children were drowned. (1973)

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Alfred Kralik, Jr. said...

Tom, this was a big story when I was a Cherry Hill NJ teen. Kareem Jabbar had owned the DC house in question and one of the people who was convicted for those murders killed the flamboyant Cherry Hill gangster "Major" Benjamin Coxson the same year.