Aftermath: U.S.A. #16

Original Caption:

New York -- Mary Joe Connolly, King Features Syndicate photographer, smiles a million-dollar smile to match the half-million dollar pearl gown she modelled in an interview on the Frances Langford-Don Ameche television show. The dress, made of 100,000 cultured pearls, is to be donated, after a tour of the country, to the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund by the Imperial Cultured Pearl Syndicate. In addition to the pearl dress, Miss Connolly wears four strands of pearls valued at $250,000, a purse valued at $40,000, bracelet at $40,000, earrings at $15,000, pin at $10,000, ring at $10,000, and a single solitaire pearl valued at $35,000. Those two pistols say she isn't going anywhere with all that stuff. (1952)


Vanwall said...

Not exactly a cheap date.

marietta said...

After the zeremonie harry invited me to admire his fretsaw work from the last christmas.

swac said...

Geez, she's got a smile like Tilly down at Asbury Park.