Politicians in Action #60

Ronald Reagan, apparently unaware that the Victory sign held up, palm in, means something completely different, sends a rather unintended message to the audience at the Citizens for Reagan rally in 1968.


peterrocker said...

Ah yes. The great communicator himself.
Obviously letting all the poor slobs who had their money tied up in Savings & Loans that now he changed the banking rules, they can expect to say goodbye to their savings.
What a legacy he left.

Fred said...

England just announced that it will be erecting a statue of Reagan. I wonder if this will be the pose.

John said...

The patron saint of the Republican Party, for reasons I will never fully understand. A man of remarkably simplistic ideas, with only an anecdotal grasp of both history and contemporary reality. Mindlessly sentimental about America, its history, and its values. He might today be considered to have been nothing worse than a harmless, generally affable old sort, except for two things: (1) He allowed his party to get into bed with the religious right, an unhealthy marriage that continues to corrupt the once-proud GOP of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower; and (2) He persisted in framing his entire poltical view as a battle against "gummint" as something evil and subversive, and in the process succeeded in breaking many Americans' fundamental trust in their own government.

God, he was an awful President!

Loyolalaw98 said...

Reagan "succeeded in breaking many Americans' fundamental trust in their own government?"

Please. This is a joke?

What could have really broken people's trust in their gov"t?

Senator McCarthy - no it was Reagan
JFK Assasination - no it was Reagan
LBJ and Vietnam - no it was Reagan
MLK Assasination - no it was Reagan
RFK Assasination - no it was Reagan
Failure of Great Society - no it was Reagan
Nixon and Cambodia - no it was Reagan
Nixon and Chile - no it was Reagan
Nixon and Watergate - no it was Reagan
Ford pardons Nixon - no it was Reagan
Jimmy Carter and the economy - no it was Reagan
Jimmy carter and the hostages - no it was Reagan

It's interesting how quickly commenters on this blog can fall into lock step with neo-Leftist psycho babble, but wait - perhaps we can blame that on Reagan too.

John said...

The guiding principal of today's Republican Party, first articulated ad nauseum by Ronald Reagan, is that "Government is not the solution; government is the problem." Even Richard Nixon wasn't that cynically opportunistic. (Well, OK, maybe he was. But I digress.) The point is that Reagan "succeeded" in pitting the American middle class against their government. Rather than trying to find a way to make government work better and more efficiently, Reagan just made people resent their government for victimizing them. It wasn't their fault that life wasn't as rosy as it could be; it was the government's fault - for giving stuff away to welfare queens, and trying to save trees and whales at the expense of their jobs, and letting all those affirmative action hires take their jobs, and letting all those criminals roam our streets, etc., etc. Having set up the government as the ultimate scapegoat for everything wrong with modern life, it's sort of hard to go back on that whole narrative. Which goes a long way to explaining the current uncompromising, obstructionist, intransigence of today's sophomoric, infantile Republican Party, threatening to cause the USA to default on its bonds if they don't get all of their milk and cookies on the budget talks.

And, yes, that's - at least in large part - Ronald Reagan's fault.

Tommy O'C said...

This country could not have survived four more years of Jimmy Carter. RIP, Mr. President.