Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Women and Children #1

The Martinson family, Ely, Cardiff, Wales, 1954.


marietta said...

i know its late,but if i see this image,i remember our poor kitchen with my mama ,three kids on a sofa,dented,old and dirty .i never never forgot, that back on the sofa liying a bambus stick.my vather was a heavy drinker und schläger.in the middle of this stick insulating tape was a big black.this is the sofa of my childhood.good night,marietta.

marietta said...

P.S. my little brother peter,four years old was a bed-wetter.each morning,wen his little bed was wet,my father go to smash him dawn.now i will stop these sad things.frohe pfingsten,to all your friends tom,marietta.