The Future is Now #40

Original caption:

Space Pilots. Minneapolis, Minnesota: A small boy's dream of piloting a rocket ship through outer space came as nearly true as modern science could make it for plastic-helmeted Johnny Bower (left), and Neil Smith, both seven years old. The youngsters got their big break when Minneapolis-Honeywell's Aeronautical company invited them, among other young sons of technical employees to visit the plant and see what their dads were doing. "Pilots" Bower and Smith are manipulating special computing equipment developed to duplicate characteristics of supersonic craft and the flight conditions they might be expected to encounter.


Nanners said...

Daughters of employees got to play in the Space Kitchen.

Greg said...

"In the future, little Doris discovers, women will be able to cook food for their husbands three times faster than today!"

Vanwall said...

"We need children who aren't afraid to live outside the law of gravity! Families who like to live in tubes and push buttons!"