The Art of the Panel: Archie #19

from ...A Day In the Life of Ralph Hardy
(by Robert Bernstein and John Rosenberger)
(Adventures of Jaguar #8; September, 1962)


Sugar Magnolia said...


Tom Sutpen said...


Archie Comics was the name of the company (it was initially MJL Magazines before it was changed to Archie in about 1954). The Jaguar comics were one of the few series they published unrelated to the whole Archie/Jughead/Betty/Veronica/Reggie line.

Brent McKee said...

In the early 1960s the Archie Comics Group or whatever it's called tried to jump on the superhero revival bandwagon by reviving some of the MLJ (not MJL) superhero properties like The Jaguar, The Fly and Flygirl, The Shield (in two versions if I'm not mistaken) and The Black Hood. It didn't work. They tried again in the 1980s, and the effort died. Then in the 1990s they licensed the characters to DC for a short period. The characters are now licensed to DC again and being brought into their mainstream continuity.