Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

We at the Gunslinger are sad to report the death of a true screen icon, Elizabeth Taylor, who, at the height of her powers, possessed one of film's greatest combinations of beauty and ability. Then again, she was also in some appalling dreck, but even disasters like Boom! are to be treasured for their strange fearlessness, and Liz rarely shirked from the challenge.

The obit in the Telegraph can be read here. And what the heck, what's one more photo?


Joanne said...

What a completed, accomplished and liberated woman who lived life to the absolute fullest.

Chip Hilton said...

The first photo perfectly captures her radiant beauty. My, those eyes!

Vanwall said...

Bummer, bummer. What a dame.

peterrocker said...

I have never met anybody who had violet eyes like her.
Sad loss but perhaps a relief for her considering the physical pain she was in for most of her later life.
Bon Voyage My Lovely

John said...

Sometimes, looking at some photographs of this woman, you are simply compelled to conclude:

"The Most Beautiful Woman Who Ever Lived."