Aftermath: U.S.A. #15

Original Caption:

Packing Mamas Round Up Marauders.

Viers Mill Village -- Pistol-packing mamas of Viers Mill Village, a Washington D.C., suburb, terrorized by night marauders for 3 weeks, rounded up four men in gun-fire studded chase early today. Wielding rifles, pistols, knives and baseball bats, the aroused housewives had the intruders begging for mercy when police reached the battlefield. Shown are Mrs. Mary Schultz, holding a .45; Mrs. Doris Young, carrying a butcher knife; Mrs. Martha Newell with a rifle, and Mrs. Warren Leigh, wielding a baseball bat. (1950)


marietta said...

amerikas next topmodels.

Jerry said...

America's best top models. They can be beee-utiful, and still kick your ass. I hope she got in a few swings with that Louisville thump-er.