A Kovacs Moment #4

Ernie gets spooky.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...


On April 19, the Shout! Factory Entertainment Company is releasing a six DVD box set called "The Ernie Kovacs Collection" If you pre-order from their website you will get a bonus DVD. Just click the link below:


swac said...

You beat me to the punch Tom, I found out about this yesterday and immediately preordered it. The bonus DVD looks pretty incredible on its own. Includes the only surviving kinescopes of Ernie hosting Tonight! plus an hour of material from his 1956 summer replacement show.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Ernie Kovacs was a visionary. He was the first to realize that great art could be created within the nineteen-inch confines of an ugly box with a glass tube at its center. Unfortunately for humanity, he's gone and he's not coming back. Thank God for Edie Adams. Because she had the foresight to save her husband's work, we now have these kinescopes and videotapes to gently remind us what once was. Ernie's world was a delightful, wondrous and riotous place to enter. Someone once remarked, "In an ocean of noise, this island of quiet genius was typical of Ernie Kovacs." Indeed it was.

Early in his career, he would close his programs by telling the audience at home, "It's been real!", a phrase he coined. He was a bit of a paradox in that respect. Ernie Kovacs was the real deal alright - and television's first surrealist. Go figure.


Tom Degan