David F. Friedman dies at 87

It's still too early for a proper obit, but reliable sources say exploitation movie mogul and First Amendment champion David F. Friedman has passed away, leaving behind a legacy that includes producing the early films of Herschell Gordon Lewis and helping to lay the foundation for the grindhouse cinema circuit with titles like She Freak, Thar She Blows and The Head Mistress as well as his own Pussycat Theatres chain.

I hope they let him smoke his Havana cigars in the big balcony upstairs.


Andy 7 said...

Some of the most insane films ever released, thanks to Mr. Friedman. Check out "Bummer", as insane as a rock film can get.

Fred said...

I'm very saddened to hear this. I hung out with David Friedman at a few convensions back in the early 90s and found him to be an amazing recounteur. I have an autographed copy of A Youth in Babylon proudly displayed on my office book shelf.

marietta said...