The 12 Discs of Christmas 2010 #10

Homer & Jethro - Santa Claus, the Original Hippie
(from Cool Crazy Christmas, RCA Victor LSP-4001; 1968)

Whiz-bang Nashville musicians Henry Haynes and Kenneth Burns were better known to the public as country and western parody act Homer & Jethro, which had a two-decade run on RCA Victor under the aegis of producer and guitar-playing pal Chet Atkins (who appears on the cover of Cool Crazy Christmas under cover of a snowy white beard).

The duo is best known for its 1959 Grammy-winning parody of Johnny Horton's The Battle of New Orleans, The Battle of Kookamunga, and while its act was getting a bit long in the tooth by the time they released this seasonal collection in 1968--Haynes died of a heart attack three years later--we can at least revel in the dated corn of Santa Claus, the Original Hippie. Of course a stronger case could be made for the title going to the birthday boy himself, but I don't know how well that would have sat with Homer & Jethro's audience four decades ago.

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Timmy said...

If I was a religous man, I'd thank you for this fine Christmas offering.