The Last Temptation of Gilbert Stuart #2

The Percy Children (1787)


ilduce said...

As a matter of sheer coincidence i was just pointing out Gilbert Stuart's grave to a friend while crossing Boston Common last night.

Loyolalaw98 said...

I think it interesting that while Gilbert Stuart gained much of his notoriety in the USA by his paintings of Washington and other "founding fathers," he nonetheless was a Tory during the Revolution, albeit safely in England.

The "Percy" children are the offspring of Hugh Percy who commanded British troops in Massachusetts during the Revolutionary war.

I guess after the War the wealthy were quick to make amends, especially as pertained to artists.

Hugh Percy's half brother is the Smithson of Smithsonian fame.

NadineisthatU said...

Knew Walker Percy, Louisiana, and wondered if there was a connection. Guess Not. Walker wrote a wonderful article for the Atlantic Monthly (Harper's) in late 80's early 90's, The Diagnostic Novel, that is a masterpiece of his speaking directly to us. Quite associated with dogs and (I think) Peacocks.