Adventures in the Fight Racket #42

Today's Adventure:

Original Caption:

Jersey City -- Close up of Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier fight at Boyles' Thirty Acres. One is on the ropes. (1921)


Joe Thompson said...

The back story here is that Dempsey was called a shirker for not serving in the military in WWI, while Carpentier had served with distinction in the French Army and received the Croix de Guerre. Carpentier was small for a heavyweight but held the European title and the "White Heavyweight Champion" title before the war. After the war he was light heavyweight champ. Dempsey-Carpentier was the first million dollar gate for a boxing match. Dempsey won with a KO in 4.

Vanwall said...

That's prolly Carpentier entangle in the ropes - Dempsey mauled him.

Richard said...

Great photo!