Tony Curtis Dead at 85

Tony Curtis
BBC Obituary here.


Chip Hilton said...

A rousing, full life, it seems. A place in the pantheon on the strength of "Some Like It Hot" alone.

MadHatter said...

Wow.....Was just talking about his great performance in "Sweet Smell Of Success" with a friend of mine..."Some Like It Hot", "Stony" Curtis in "The Flintstones",come to mind....anyway,
R.I.P. Mr.Curtis/Schwartz,and thanks for the memories!

Robert Fiore said...

I saw him in the flesh at a tribute to Billy Wilder I guess it was about ten years ago, and got an education in star quality. He was of course not a young man at the time, and so far from the peak of his career as to almost be called a sad case, but there was a tremendous magnetism to him. In a room with a over a thousand people in it he was the only one you'd look at.