They Were Collaborators #671*

Blatty, Blair and O'Malley
William Peter Blatty, Linda Blair and Father William O'Malley.

*If only I'd been a little quicker on the draw this could've been
"They Were Collaborators #666."


Richmond Rambler said...

Scariest movie ever.

Rodrigo Arte said...

Good afternoon:

Great blog!
I found it after the nice picture above_with the ALWAYS KNOWN FATHER DYER in that controversial/strong production...
I guess it´s his TRADE MARK.
Some years ago, I have the pleasure/honor to change email with him: he seems to be a good person (like in the film)... He told me that HE HAD 15 MINUTES OF FAME (and WHAT 15 MINUTES!). Well, I bet he was shown more time (lol!)...
That´s it.

Rodrigo (Brazil)