Before the Age of Multiplexes #19

Coronet Theatre
The Coronet Theatre, London, England.


Ben said...

For a minute I thought this might be some now-destroyed, pre-shopping centre frontage for the Coronet Theatre, Elephant & Castle (which operated as a cinema through much of the 20th C); then realised the lack of any railway arches etc. on the left hand side probably rules that out.

A brief web search reveals it's actually the Coronet a couple of miles up the road in Eltham:
A grade II listed building, but depressingly, one that's in the process of being turned into some kind of housing development.

Also not to be confused with the somewhat grander Coronet, Notting Hill:
Still open as a cinema, but owned by a church...? I had no idea.

Well, that was fun - thanks for giving me an excuse for some tedious local history googling.

Greg said...

Hell, thanks for doing it. That's more info than I could've provided.

Trader said...

So much style !

Kind of miss such theaters when I take a look at the ones we have now...